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· For each product line, a minimum opening order is required (please contact us for more information);

· There is a minimum reorder per product line. Any order under minimum is subject to the approbation of PARIS PROVENCE and, except for special conditions, to a $50 surcharge;

· If applicable, any splitting up of packaging will be charged $10;

· Freight F.O.B. Montreal. It can take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks for normal delivery. Our craft products may postpone the actual delivery due to circumstances beyond our control.
Any delivery of orders under $ 2,000 will be charged to the customer;

· Orders are payable by credit card upon shipping or e-transfer prior to shipping. Paris Provence also reserves the right to require partial or full payment of the order before it is proceeded;

· Custom orders must be accompanied by a 50% deposit and are not subject to change or cancellation.

· Any balance orders of less than $100 will be automatically cancelled unless otherwise stated;

· Only written claims within five (5) days after receipt of merchandise are valid. Replacement will apply only to items found to be defective and not misused;

· Any return of merchandise, except for manufacturing defectiveness, is subject to approval; if approved, a 20% penalty of the initially invoiced price for the item returned will apply;

· 18% interest per year is charged on accounts exceeding 30 days, for customers historically benefiting from payment terms. In parallel, any order or delivery of products in progress is suspended. Also, an overdue account puts automatically an end to any agreement on payment terms;

· There is a service charge of $25 on all NSF checks;

· Goods covered by an invoice remain the property of PARIS PROVENCE until full payment is done;

· Montreal shall be agreed upon as place of performance and jurisdiction for all rights and duties arising from the contract. All legal relations between the customer and PARIS PROVENCE are subject to Canadian law;

· Our prices are subject to change without notice.

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